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Since the 1980s, the fundamental concept of RNP Pharm GmbH has been based on the expertise of its founders in the fields of clinical testing of naturopathic medical treatments and natural remedies, particularly in the area of cancer research. There are deficits in therapy for cancer and other serious diseases. Either there is a complete absence of methods of treatment, or there no causal types of therapy available, especially in regards to viral diseases.

The company was founded in 2003 by chemical engineer Horst Mayer and pharmaceutical businessman Alfons Steinherr in Hanau, Germany.

The company's goal is to isolate the active principles of the medicines or to standardize these preparations on these active ingredients, to subject them to scientific testing, to achieve their marketing authorisation in accordance with drug law, and to market the finished pharmaceutical product successfully.

We not only implement in-house projects, but also offer our expertise to external companies as a service provider. We can count on the skills of experts in their respective fields who have been collaborators in our projects for many years, have helped shape the company, and form an informal network.

Research on Natural Products