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Our network provides us with the ability to bring together specialized expert skills in an optimal way suitable for a wide variety of projects. We are not only able to work on projects led by us, but also offer our expertise as a service provider capable of developing solutions to issues pertaining to a wide range of products.

The Southernwood herb (Artemisia abrotanum L.) is currently being researched by several work groups. As it is difficult to source in a consistent quality, we are cooperating with an agricultural company.

Its Southernwood plantation is not only the basis of our research, but the plant can now be purchased in processed form in pharmacies as a highest quality tea product. The Southernwood herb is an in-house project of RNP Pharm GmbH.

Research results stemming from microbiology involving essential oils have led to the Lemonith® line of cosmetic products. Several Lemonith® products have already been developed. The development was performed in-house by us, and the products can be sold in bulk to external companies.

RNP GmbH's primary field is the area of pharmaceuticals. We specialise in phytopharmaceuticals and the legal formalities required for the registration procedure in Germany. We both schedule laboratory work and ensure that the registration authorities' demands are met.

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Research on Natural Products